What Clients are saying...

"Amazing photographs!!

I strongly recommend you captured moments media, Dona and John always try their best to do an excellent work! They are extremely skilled at photography, and they are so warm and kind, my husband and I are touched by their effort for the wedding photos and enlargement. the effect of the photos just as what I expect. Once I have some questions, they will respond me very quickly."

- Dana & Jackie, Toronto, ON

"Dona & John captured our magnificent wedding day with glamorous artistic poise. They were able to catch our vision and communicate our desires through the images they produced. They went above and beyond to ensure every moment was preserved. With a unique refreshing style they stand above their competitors. Our guests love the finished product and continually comment on how impressed they were with our photographers. You won't be disappointed,"

-  Danfi & Amy, Toronto, ON

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"John and Dona were both exceptional in every way for our wedding weekend. It was a two-day event and their level of patience and the way they were accommodating throughout the entire time was unbelievable. They both share a deep passion for photography and it was definitely evident in the pictures they shot. This fantastic duo was also very helpful during the days leading up to the wedding and ensured that everything was organized and to be conducted in a timely manner. They truly love what they do and they helped make our lives easier during the course of the wedding planning. We definitely clicked right away and I feel they have the ability to click with any other couple in a similar way."

- Prasana & Sophia, Toronto, ON