What to do when wedding day photos are a let down?


It can happen: after all the planning and hoping, you may be disappointed with how your wedding portraits turned out, or perhaps envisioned something a bit different.

It's not about placing blame on anyone, including yourself. There are various reasons why this can happen: not enough time, style or skill of the photographer was not a match, quantity over quality was chosen to meet envisioned budget, the vision was not communicated or caught by either parties, bad weather, etc. Whatever it was, it happened. But what now?


Maybe you had a small private wedding, Wedding photography was not on the budget for the day; but now you really wish there was one as you have no photos of the two of you worth hanging up on the wall. Never mind to send back home to family or parents.

In either case, there's no reason to have regrets because, it's not too late. YES, I repeat, It is not too late!

It is still VERY possible to achieve beautiful photos, furthermore, with the benefits of doing this in an even more exciting location AFTER your wedding.

YES, a chance to put that dress and amazing suit on and have a more fun go at it AGAIN!

Sure, maybe your bridal party and family won't be there...but to be honest, it is much easier to shoot less people anyway - the chances of someone blinking is significantly less we find lol.

And you and your beloved can enjoy a great experience together that is much less stressful than your wedding day. Guaranteed.

A good photo takes time, preparation, and a relaxed atmosphere.

We are so happy to offer you these awesome sessions! Actually, not only can we offer you these sessions, but also book your bridal makeup and hair, include a sweet mini-film to memorialize your time, and help you plan out an awesome day.

This is our favorite kind of shoot as it gives us the ability to create and plan for you more freedom.

We call it the 'Adventure of Love': A Post-Wedding session of 3 hours at a planned location of your choice with prices starting from $1000. Wall Art or a coffee book or album can be added from $1250 & up.

Got a trusted MUAH artist already? No problem, apply the credit towards acquiring some Wall Art, a Coffee table book or album to help you treasure your memories for a lifetime instead.

There are so many options to still create beautiful memories and relive your special moments, and we are honored to play a part in it!


Dana and Jackie came to us looking to capture their love because they really wanted beautiful photos to remember their big day. They had had a small private wedding being new to the country, and now wanted photos to put up in their home and send back home to their parents in China.

They were so gracious and humble, and easy to work with. They truly valued our efforts and trusted us to capture their vision and create beautiful memories. The photo enlargements and wall art that they chose to remember their day were among our favorites ever, and will be enjoyed for years to come!

Jackie had always loved the views from Centre Island, and so we headed there to make the day happen for them. It truly was an Adventure of Love, with Hellen from Beauty on the Grind accompanying John & I for the ride!

Enjoy their photo slideshow, and let us know if you prefer the grid or slideshow format!

A big thank you to our friends at BeautyontheGrind.com and Beauty by Hellen Hu for MUAH, even on this groom who needed a quick fix at the last minute. (Doesn't it look so natural?!)

Beauty on the Grind has a newer West End location (in addition to their East end location) so make sure to check them out!

IG: @beautyonthegrind, @beautybyhellenhu

TIP: It's much better to get it right in the camera as opposed to after to maintain better quality. MUAH contribute so much to this so it is best to include this for better results, instead of paying for more editing and waiting longer later!

Photos and Film by Captured Moments Media

For your Post-Wedding bookings, Contact us today!

Limited spaces available.

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