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So... these blogs have been a long time coming and in the works. I think they may have been on my to-do list for years! Life can get busy right?! I doubt I'm the only one who falls behind on my to-do lists. Better late than never I say! It was never forgotten, and at the right time...voila! Here it is!

For those who used to read and follow our previous blogs on Wordpress: Welcome back to our new and improved blog on our site! We are constantly working to improve, so your feedback is always helpful! What would you like to see or hear about? Are things accessible on here? etc..please feel welcome!

We have always blogged tips, inspirational quotes, photography, and updates, but one thing has always been missing in our opinion, and that is the beautiful love stories of each couple and experience that we've had with each of them in the journey to their wedding, the Big Day itself, observations made and relationships and friendships built.

So, these blogs will now include them to the best of our ability, giving you a quick glimpse into the personalities that make our wedding and engagement photos beautiful, and celebrating the love that they share.

Starting off the whole lot, is one of our favorite couples - really at this point, we are glad to say, we've had so many of them - but still they deserve to be set apart and celebrated! Antonietta and Kevin had to be the most decisive and sweetest of couples that we had the pleasure to meet and photograph.


From the beginning, Antonietta was the photographers dream for a bride-to-be. She was calm, beautiful, and most of all, she knew what she wanted. No fuss. She saw our work, loved it and booked.

Not even a meeting needed. She simply trusted our ability and gifts and for this we are so thankful!

It certainly makes shooting a dream and a breeze when this is the case.

Kevin was a supportive and caring groom. It became obvious that he was the quiet strength behind Antonietta, it became even more obvious how much his bride was completely smitten by him!

Their day was full of love and support from their friends and a close group of friends who obviously adored them. It was quite plain to see why! They were down-to-earth, loved to dance, have good food and laugh. One of my favorite photos was capturing them leaving the Church building and entering into the world as a Married couple.

A picture is worth a thousand words (yes, it's included below!)

Other fun memories were wandering the chosen street to provide them with the city-inspired wedding that they had envisioned and chasing trains and stopping cars for traffic shots. Enjoy & Cheers to the Happy Couple!

TIP: Find a photographer who you click with and love their style. Choose to TRUST them! It'll make everyone more relaxed, which will produce better photos!

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