How to choose a (Wedding) Photographer

I'm sure you've heard the adage, 'you get what you pay for.' But how true is this when choosing a wedding photographer?

While choosing Quality work and product, as well as Best Value is not necessarily about the how high or low of a price tag you can find: knowing what to look for and the fair market value for a service, certainly does help you have a better experience, and avoid disappointment!

What can get often overlooked when comparing price tags is the quality and value of a service or product. Things like time savings, ease of working together, and high quality products that will last and are beautiful cannot be overlooked; as it will often result in wishing we spent the extra little bit for peace of mind!

Some very important questions to ask when choosing a photographer are:

Style: Does the photographer's photos, product, and perhaps even personality fit my/our style? If you're stuck on this one, think about it this way - how would you describe yourself? or the way you style your home, or dress? Your chosen photographer's art would match your description words. Some examples of ours would be: classic, simple, contemporary, timeless, elegant, whimsical, vs. maybe colourful, trendy, humourous, complex. Get the idea?

Ease: Will they make my life easier - events and weddings are tough, are they helpful? looking after details? easy to talk to?

Offering expertise to make things go smoothly? putting me/us at ease?

Do they make the experience enjoyable for us?

Reliability: Are they dependable? - Will they show up or cancel at the last minute (can’t tell you how often we hear of these)?

Will they deliver my photos/product in the agreed time, and be in touch with me/us about my/our investment?)

Can we trust them? Do they make me/us feel safe?

And lastly,

Quality: Will their products be good or meet my expectations - Are the products well made and make me feel special? Do I like that I get attention to detail?

Is it equal to what I paid for? Am I clear on the expectations?

With events that are special like Weddings or Milestones, you don’t often get to re-do of the actual day (although, makeup portrait shoots can be done if needed - see our last blog post).

So, you want to choose within your budget (that is realistic of course), while also considering what will last, and will make your day go smoothly. But also what will make you smile for years to come.

Choose well!

For questions, and bookings, feel free to email us at or send us a message on here!

TIP: The above advice applies with any kind of vendor and services really!

Photos of product and our collections (below) by Captured Moments Media

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