Which one is Your Wedding Style?

So you got engaged over the holidays!! Congratulations!! It is such an exciting time: romance, dreams, & passion fill the air!

You have so many ideas for your wedding! You've been quite likely dreaming about this most of your life! Or maybe it took you by surprise. Either way, you're not really sure where to start?

And pretty soon, it all starts to get overwhelming.

It's no secret that surviving the wedding planning process is the first feat that an engaged couple will endure, and the first victory that you will share together. Cake cutting has nothing on this task, trust me!

Within this journey are definitely beautiful bonding moments, as well as moments of uncertainty, too many shared opinions, disagreements, stress, etc.

If you are there already, we feel your pain. Know that as you push through and best prepare, it will get better, and champagne and celebrating awaits you at the end!!

For those who have not quite hit this stage yet, Rest assured: It will come.

But when it comes, it is my hope that you will just a bit more ready after reading this blog!!

The first thing to check off the list is usually the amount of guests approximately that you anticipate, and then begin searching for a suitable venue. And this is where the first actual wedding decision will be made - asides from deciding who is and who is not invited haha!

Do you want a beach wedding? Have you always dreamed of a garden wedding? Perhaps you are the classic Hollywood sort where there is pomp and grandeur like that of the Great Gatsby? What happens if you like all of these, and can't figure out which one to go with?!

Let's stop right there, and help you get started. I promise that once this decision is made, it will be so much easier to decide the rest of the wedding, because it will set the tone for the rest of your decisions: from your dress, to venue, to meals and even your photos. There are tips and colours for all styles included to better help you too!

So let's start with you and your lover's personalities:

  • How would you describe your style? (e.g. your wardrobe, tv shows, & music choice are great indicators of this)

  • Is your lifestyle laid back or more planned? (e.g. does simplicity or luxe appeal to you?)

  • What is the most fun to you?

  • What kind of feel would you like your day to have?

  • What does your dream wedding look like? (Pinterest is your friend!)

Here are the Most Popular Styles simplified for you (in response to these questions):


Style: Bold & glamorous

Lifestyle: Dresses to the nines, only the best for baby, high fashion with designer perfumes & colognes, watches, bags and shoes

Idea of fun: Shopping, enjoying luxury food & drink, and looking good

Wedding Vibe: The bash of the century. Pomp & grandeur

Dream Wedding: A night nothing short of Hollywood style with the best chef's three (minimum) course meals, a plethora of the most exotic florals dripping from gold rimmed vases and the finest crystal

Dress of choice: Designer gown with flamboyant train or beadwork, and the longest train possible

Bouquet: A luxurious and elegant bouquet, possibly even bejeweled with brooches, etc

Photos: Your historic or flamboyant hotel or castle venue alone will make way for the most beautiful and heirloom photos. And why not? With well constructed details in the architecture, a plethora of windows, and grandiose floral walls and details, there is no reason to break a sweat in the outdoors! Dream location: Paris or New York. Why not do a destination engagement shoot if not your wedding there?!

Memories: A luxury leather heirloom flushmount album and enlarged framed portrait will adorn your new home's walls.

Best colours: Gold, white, cream, pastels, grey, or more flamboyant black tie event with rich Hollywood red accents


Style: Picturesque, romantic & rustic

Lifestyle: Environmentally-friendly & natural items, more concerned with health, family, fur babies, and the planet than the newest trend or fashion line

Idea of fun: Nature walks, star gazing & travel, trying out new healthy recipes, and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors

Wedding Vibe: Intimate with pretty personalized details, relaxed, vintage, low key luxe included

Dream Wedding: A field or garden decorated with fairy lights, a tented ceremony, long family style tables and platters complete with offsetting and complimenting tableware, some florals and woodsy touches

Dress of choice: Vintage design with flowing skirts in a soft off-white or pastel colour, most likely lace included

Bouquet: Simple cascading bouquet complete with wildflowers, and floral crowns

Photos: Strolling around a garden or rolling hills and wildflowers, shooting in golden hour would make more the most romantic and gorgeous photos to cherish for a lifetime!!

Dream location: Tuscany, Provence, Catalonia

Memories: A linen flushmount album or book, with wall cluster frames or floatmounts wall art

Best colours: woodsy nature-inspired tones with antique soft pastels, & vintage rich accents


Style: Relaxed, fun & adventurous

Lifestyle: Functional, Less-fuss & comfortable

Idea of fun: Dancing the night away, campfires, hanging out at the beach, volleyball, and other games

Wedding Vibe: Fun, informal and a little sandy

Dream Wedding: Ceremony and reception by the water, dinner by sunset, and partying all night, possibly even campfires, letting go of lanterns and fireworks (a touch of luxe with florals a great add-on if you are torn between)

Dress of choice: A strappy, barely-there flowing number, perfect for the heat and outdoors

Bouquet: An exotic array of local flowers, or mixed

Photos: Being at the beach means a destination wedding most likely,

leaving the day before for romantic pre-wedding photos and intimate wedding portraits on the day of are spectacular!

Dream location: Bali, Maldives, Jamaica, Cabo, Santorini

Memories: A coffee table book or Personalized keepsake box of wedding prints to share with a group of friends and family

Best colours: nature-inspired tones close to sun and sand tones, (aqua, turquoise, beige, cream), pinks, corals, and other complimentary pastels are best


Style: Classic & modern, non traditional

Lifestyle: Less-fuss, but not lacking current style by any means

Idea of fun: Night out in the city

Wedding Vibe: Simple & intimate, as long as two are together

Dream Wedding: Low key city hall wedding, an intimate restaurant venue in the city, or yacht club for dinner on the lake with loved ones, followed by a night of dancing

Dress of choice: Most likely a cute 50s or 60s dress or a simple elegant sheath

Bouquet: A simple and elegant bouquet

Photos: Make a day out of it walking in the city. Beautiful architecture, historic buildings, and city skylines are the perfect backdrop for amazing photographs!!

Dream location: New York, Toronto, Quebec city

Memories: A Coffee table book with some framed prints for around the home and office

Best colours: less-fuss means, you can pretty much coordinate any ensemble you want between the two of you! Wear neutrals and pick your favorite colour to pop, or keep it neutral and dreamy.

Have you figured out which one best fits you yet? Now that you have a rough idea, you can start off strong in your wedding planning game. Mixing an idea or two from a different style is totally okay - as long as you don't totally stray from your own style. We'd love to hear which one you liked, and how you chose to personalize it!

At this point, hiring a Wedding Planner can also be very helpful, and is recommended for a more enjoyable time planning. Knowing your vision will certainly help them put the pieces together in a more effective way!

For referrals for planner, feel free to ask us for some names.

We are now booking your dream wedding photography & movies for 2020, with some 2019 availability as well. Reach out to us to book your perfect Wedding Collection!

Email us at dona@capturedmomentsmedia.com or send us a message via our website

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