How to Easily Plan a Chic Themed Party


When planning an event or a session, using a tool like Pinterest can really help to keep your ideas together, and bring inspiration.

Often when we are trying to create or communicate an idea in my minds, we use this tool to help create an online mood board so to speak. It works really well for inspiration, and producing ideas.

The only setback is when you cannot find the very thing that you are looking for! What then?

Well, that is when you create it for yourself!

Here's an example: We had decided on creating a unicorn party. But there was one problem. This idea struck prior to the following 2 years being saturated with unicorns....EVERYWHERE!

So....what do we do? Well, we do a little research, and create our own unicorn wonderland!


First, we developed the idea/concept.

For us, we knew we wanted unicorns, pastel colours...and even pinned down the actual colours we wanted to use.

Then, we looked for available pins that were close in colour, theme, style.

Creating a Pinterest Board or a Mood Board really helps keep ideas together - and easily show when we are going off track. At this stage, I usually sketch and decide on colours for each item as well. This is important because with any good art work, every layer or detail matters in the creation of the big picture.

Lastly, we created our own version of all of the inspiration to make it uniquely our own!

Our style is simplicity and classic, with a touch of whimsy. So we created a simple backdrop with candy floss pink clouds (diy on Pinterest!) and a simple gold lettered balloon.


We introduced:

  • a unicorn coloured tulle table skirt (created by yours truly)

  • balloon swords and wands with a great balloon entertainer ( is so talented and was a big hit with the kids),

  • some pretty pastel treats - pretzels, unicorn pops, candies. We could not resist sprinkles and topped some of the treats with these! (ideas mostly all found on Pinterest! yes, really!)

  • displayed them on some beautiful rental pieces from our friendor (see Pinterest for their inspiration boards)

  • organic candy floss from were so good that they didn't even last long enough to get photos!

  • and lavender lemonade (yup, another Pinterest ideas!) with Monin's organic lavender and lemon syrups (Beanwise in Toronto and Mississauga carry this and ship quickly). We added a few sprigs of lavender in dispensers and some pretty cups and it was a hit!

I was so inspired that I even created a custom original painting of a unicorn for the party as a backdrop for photos. We then used it to place near the gifts and loot table. We decided to get capes and crowns for every little prince and princess so they could have endless play!

And later on, the painting would make a great keepsake in the little princess' room.

Creating custom backdrops, art, and most of all photography and mini films are among our favorite things! This is a service available for small parties to those local to us. It's also a great idea to have a session done using this as a backdrop for birthday photos right before the guests arrive, while everyone looks good too!

And there you have it. In a nutshell:

Fluffy pink clouds and tulle unicorn skirts. Pretty pastel pastries and treats. Balloon swords and wands kept the princesses and princes busy for hours - battling each other and the bubbles! Add some lavender lemonade and you've got a classy party!

Steps to creating an AMAZINGly Pretty party! And you can apply similar steps to any theme you choose and keep it classic.

And, if this still sounds all a bit much to you, and you'd rather just have someone else create this for you? Well, then give us a shout, because creating is what we were born to do ;)

Enjoy the photos!

Custom decor and art:

Photography and Film:

Custom cake: @lucilabakeshop

Organic cotton candy:


Lemon and lavendar specialty organic syrups: Monin,


Balloon Unicorn & entertainment:

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