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Dreaming of beautiful weather, and pastel blooms for outdoor photography this time of year! We absolutely love the snow, and if you have never had a session in it, we highly recommend it's majestic and glistening backdrop at least once in your life!

But for sprigs of sweet pinks and whites, there is nothing quite like the blossoms of early spring that bring on those cherry and magnolia blossoms that literally smell like romance in the air. Okay, so maybe we don't actually smell much of a sweet aroma from those two particular flowers, but you cannot discount the soft and whimsical beauty that they bring to photos, am I right?!


Kristy and Jason knew right from the start that they wanted to include us in their wedding. We cannot tell you how flattering it is to get to work with couples that have just made up their minds to honour us in this way. They see the photos, they like them, and more than that, they see us, and their hearts resonate with our life mission, family values, and the like. It is magical!

Being of mixed backgrounds and uniting the North and Southern parts of North America; Canada the the USA came together to form this beautiful alliance that is Kristy and Jason. And boy, did they look good!! Jason and Kristy were searching for that special someone for a while, but once they found each other, it did not take them long to realize that they were meant to be!

Firstly, they were blessed to snag a spot at this beautiful park that was literally crawling with visitors and viewers of the coveted cherry blossom trees on their weekend. Even with a permit, it was tough to get a shot without others in it. But, I bet from the photos, that you'd never be able to tell!

She was beautiful, so smitten by her man, and was the perfect balance of East meets West with her carefully chosen jewelry and gown.

He was tall and handsome, caring and hard-working. You didn't need to get to know him well to see this, it was obvious from how he managed things and the family through the day.

It truly is amazing how much you can tell about a person without them speaking a word about themselves.

We are privileged to be able to pray and send our best wishes to every couple, along with create beautiful images to capture each couple's unique love - and Kristy and Jay's images were as stunning as their love.

Their day was full of old friends, new friends, dancing to drums, and laughter. 'Love was indeed sweet' with the multiple treats and candy choices available at the sweets table.

Our favorite time with them was definitely the quiet hour or two that we got to spend with them at the park - it was lovely, and relaxing before the reception. Even the ducks came out to play! Enjoy the photos!

TIP: Booking a park location requires a 2-3 permit that needs to be booked in advance with the city - especially if it is a busy location! For Spring Blossoms, it is best to keep watch of blooms or approximate times they are expected. Talk to us for help with your locations. We are happy to make recommendations to add beautiful backdrops to your photos!

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NOTE: Because we are a boutique service, we only accept a select amount of weddings/events/sessions each year. This is to ensure the highest quality of service to our customers. We apologize in advance if your date is already booked or we are fully booked.

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